Lucky Charms Rice Krispie Treats!

Instead of using Rice Krispies, just substitute Lucky Charms! The extra marshmallows add a burst of sweetness and a little crunch in every bite. This colorful variation of the classic lunch box treat would make the perfect addition to your St. Patrick’s Day dessert table – just don’t forget to add sprinkles!    

Millions of Peaches

A perfect peach is one of the true, simple joys of summer. I have been buying (and eating) the Trader Joe’s peaches like they are going out of style. They are perfectly sweet, juicy, affordable and make for the PERFECT addition to any pie, salad, tart, pizza, cocktail, etc. etc. etc. Peach + Lemon Tart with […]

Bity Banana Bites

Chocolate-Dipped. Frozen. Banana. Bites. with SPRINKLES! These semi-healthy, one-bite, chocolate-dipped, sprinkle-rolled treats are just waiting for you when that craving for “a little something sweet” hits. All you do is chop up a banana, freeze, then dip in chocolate, then roll in sprinkles and freeze — they’re creamy and sweet and perfect and RAINBOWLICIOUS.

Tis’ the Season for Shortbread

‘Tis the season to be knee-deep in flour & frosting. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Baking cookies is one of my most beloved Christmas traditions. I love the way the house smells, I love the little nibbles by passerbyers, I love being a complete mess all day and not worrying about a thing.

vanilla-bean ice-cream

I think people who say “It’s too cold for ice cream” may be the very people that need someone to make them a sweet homemade sundae the most. The holiday season is suppose to be all candy canes and jolly joys, but for some people, it can bring stress, anxiety, sadness and even anger. Perhaps […]

fluffy {leftover} stuffing frittata

I don’t know about you guys, but all that cooking and preparing and shopping and oven timing does not do justice for just ONE delicious meal with the family. So when I woke up Thanksgiving morning, still with a household full (which I love) of guests, I was determined to make another meal out of […]

egg-cellent vegetarian turkey

I’m so egg-cited, I just can’t hide it! I take Thanksgiving very seriously…even the appetizers deserve respect and love! I decided to made deviled eggs three ways – tradish, pesto and spicy jalapeño – and they were a hit! Especially when my sister and I decided to go all turkey art deco on the presentation 😉 

sea-salted cookies

These cookies were inspired by one of my favorite restaurants, one I used to frequent weekly with my gals. We would sit outside, listen to the ocean & sip prosecco while munching on these cookies, chatting about our weekly feats & foes. I love these cookies. And I love those gals.

snickerdoodle s’mores

What’s better than being with good company cozy around the campfire, the perfume of pine trees, a glass of red wine in one hand and a stick toastin’ marshmallow in the other? Nothing. Nothing is better, I tell ya. This is my “happy place”.

momma’s banana bread

As the saying goes, mothers know best! My momma’s banana bread is simply the best. Whenever I missed my mom in college or when I lived in California, I would make this bread. Now that I live in Chicago, and get to see her all the time (yay), it has become one of those “foods […]

mini fruit pizzas

pizza craving meets sweet tooth and – POOF – you have a delicious, {slightly} nutritious and totally adorable mini fruit pizza. I love these for brunch, snack time, dessert, a bbq go-to, cocktail hour, kiddie playdate, to bring as an appetizer, a ‘get well’ treat, okay… I love them unconditionally.

pawty & bark-bbq

After hours of begging (or maybe the whole thing was my idea) I agreed to throwing my pound puppy, Dallas, a 4th birthday pawty for his furiends. Honestly it took longer to get dallas to pose for the camera than it did to prep & throw the actual party itself – super simple. I love […]

foodie finds in nashville

Never have I fallen in love with a city faster than I did with Nashville. The sweet bbq is {falling off the bone} tender, the accents are long, the days are perfectly warm and the American pride runs strong. Where to sleep: 12 South area. Rent an AirBnB. You don’t need a car. These boots were […]

doggy fro yo

I have to confess to sharing a popsicle (or two) with Dallas on a warm summers night. He loves cold sweets, just like his mama. This summer I wanted him to have something special, yummy AND healthy – something he could share with his furiends. This organic frozen yogurt recipe takes 2 minutes to make […]

donut worry, be happy

i love everything about donuts (doughnuts, donuts whatever). especially the lil’ holes. they are adorable. they are delicious. they are perfection. AND just one bite {anything bite sized or mini is perfection in my book}..

classy crispies

this recipe is so simple you can make it with one hand tied behind your back, and the other holding a glass of malbec, literally. the layers of gooey rich salted caramel and dark chocolate are undermined by the crunch of the bar. each one is a little bite of bliss. just trust me.

puppy party w/ pupkate’s

I’m addicted to giving Dallas unconditional love. So, when Dallas turned 1, I had every inch of me go into that ‘maternal, crazy party planner, spoil every inch of my baby ‘ doggy mommy mode. The party was pawfect, complete with fire hydrant themed decor, goodie bags for his friends and pup-kates. These treats veterinarian-approved treats are only made […]