mini fruit pizzas

pizza craving meets sweet tooth and – POOF – you have a delicious, {slightly} nutritious and totally adorable mini fruit pizza. I love these for brunch, snack time, dessert, a bbq go-to, cocktail hour, kiddie playdate, to bring as an appetizer, a ‘get well’ treat, okay… I love them unconditionally.

what you’ll need:

  • any fruit your little heart desires
  • sugar cookies (homemade or you can buy the dough at the store, whatever you decide make sure you under-cook them so they are soft and doughy. trust me!)
  • greek yogurt

what to do

1. roll out the dough and cut out into mini pizza’s. don’t judge me.


2. after they are done baking and cooled – ice them with any type of yogurt you prefer.


3. decorate the tart outta those cuties! don’t be afraid. I also drizzled with honey and it made it totally divine.



Anddddddddddd you’re done! How simple is that?