donut worry, be happy

i love everything about donuts (doughnuts, donuts whatever). especially the lil’ holes. they are adorable. they are delicious. they are perfection. AND just one bite {anything bite sized or mini is perfection in my book}..

WARNING: these moist chocolate donut holes {baked not fried} thickly covered in a sweet glaze ARE addicting. really. really addicting.

what to do

1. mix the donut dough

2. scoop the dough into mini muffin tins with a mini melon ball scooper – bake at 350 for 10 mins
image (1)

3. make that glazey glaze
image (3)

4. dunk ’em. into the glaze. many times. a triple or quadruple dunk in the glaze if necessary.
image (7)

5. i like to wait until they are crunchy on outside and moist on the inside – so i made a mushroom fritatta while i waited to keep my mind off those darn holes (recipe coming later)
image (6)

…sometimes the most delicious treats come in the tiniest packages…ammiright?

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