foodie finds in nashville

Never have I fallen in love with a city faster than I did with Nashville. The sweet bbq is {falling off the bone} tender, the accents are long, the days are perfectly warm and the American pride runs strong.

Where to sleep: 12 South area. Rent an AirBnB. You don’t need a car. These boots were made for walkin’ and that’s just what you’ll do.

Where to eat:

Brunch: POP Nashville. I never met a brunch I didn’t like. This place, I loved. The mimosas were made with fresh fruit puree (get the white peach mimosa). The food is earthy, yet delicious. THE BISCUITS! I can’t say enough, we almost ordered a second plate.



BBQ: Edley’s. The pulled pork and fried pickles are remarkable. I could do without the mac ‘n cheese. The bourbon basil tea is sweet and goes down a little too smoothly. Walkable in 12 south.

FullSizeRender (5)
Pizza: Desano’s. Bring a bottle (or 3) of wine, it’s BYOB. We took a 5$ uber from 12 south.


Dinner and Drinks: Whiskey Kitchen. Whiskey drinks are on point. The patio is lit up with bright lights and plays some great tunes. This was so so romantic yet laid back.

WK exterior

Ice cream: Jeni’s. All unique fun flavors. You can taste them all too. I had the wild berry lavender and almost shed a tear when it was all gone. Walkable in 12 south.


Fresh fruit: Peach Truck. Don’t forget to grab a brown bag full of fresh Georgia peaches from the sweet guy’s at the peach truck. They hang out in 12 South.


Where to go when the sun goes down:

Dancing: Honky Tonk Central. Live country music all night. Three floors. Of pure insanity. I felt like I was in Vegas, but everyone wore cowboy boots instead of stilettos Tootsies. Live rock ‘n roll music and pretty small, but worth it. Seriously though, we hopped around to a bunch of different bars on the strip – you really can’t go wrong.

Leaving was totally bitter and not sweet. At all. I would move here tomorrow if I could. Every stranger is kind, and inviting, the food tastes like grandma made it, all cocktails are served in mason jars, and every restaurant is playing your favorite song. This place just makes you smile. Nashville, you have stolen a piece of my heart.