lemony minty cocktail for a summer night

When life hands you limonata, add vodka {and a pink straw, of course}. This is a simple summer cocktail that goes down {just a little} too easy. It’s a slightly fizzy, totally minty, refreshing as heck lemonade for grown-ups.

AND the bottle is so flipping cute, serving it in an actual glass is just a no-no (plus no glassware dishes at the end of the night, yay!). I’m telling you, if you are having loved ones over for a bbq on the back patio on a warm summers night – this is a must. If there are kids around, just minus the vodka and there ya go. Everyone is happy.

what you’ll need

san pellegrino limonata
vodka – i just keep pouring until i think its strong enough
2 medium mint leaves, torn in half
crushed ice
cute lemon napkin ring for decor – you can order from sur la table here

what to do:

1. pour the pellegrino and vodka into a cocktail shaker and then fill with ice
2. shake the mixture vigorously for about 15 seconds and then add fresh mint
3. stir the mixture to combine the mint and then pour back into the pellegrino bottles
4. add a cute straw, the lemon napkin ring around the top and serve right away.
5. sip, sip, sip