doggy fro yo

I have to confess to sharing a popsicle (or two) with Dallas on a warm summers night. He loves cold sweets, just like his mama. This summer I wanted him to have something special, yummy AND healthy – something he could share with his furiends. This organic frozen yogurt recipe takes 2 minutes to make and is quite delicious; if I do say so myself (It really just tastes just like human froyo with less sugar)!

Human tested – Dallas approved.


what you’ll need

1 can of organic pumpkin
1 frozen banana
1-1/2 cups of plain natural greek yogurt
a drizzle of honey
i didn’t have any peanut butter but you could add a spoonful for more flavor

what to do
1. just toss your ingredients into the blender until everything is mixed well and you have a smooth consistency. 2. after its all blended pour into small cups OR you can fill up an ice tray and plop in the freezer!

The best thing about these treats is you can make a big batch and keep them stashed in the freezer for whenever you have doggy play dates. You’ll be deemed #bestdoggymommyever.

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