sea-salted cookies

These cookies were inspired by one of my favorite restaurants, one I used to frequent weekly with my gals. We would sit outside, listen to the ocean & sip prosecco while munching on these cookies, chatting about our weekly feats & foes. I love these cookies. And I love those gals.

When I set out to make these, I didn’t want to just elevate my chocolate chip cookie recipe, I wanted to re-create it. I love baking. And I also love trying new things. So when I bake, I usually end up with a delicious new creation, or a heaping mess of yuck.

These were perfect – every single bite of ’em.

what you’ll need:
chocolate chip cookie recipe {substitute reg. chocolate chips for dark chocolate chips – just trust}
sea salt
gal pals and a glass of prosecco

what you’ll do:
bake the cookies
as soon as they come out of the oven, sprinkle {or dump} sea salt on each one – don’t be shy
serve ’em up!