ch-ch-ch-chia puddin’

As I’m sipping my morning coffee, enjoying my homemade blueberry mango chia pudding out on the deck, I started thinking, is this the same chia of the ch-ch-ch-chia pets?

Well yes, yes it is. You can eat the chia pets, you guys. And they are delicious.

At first I felt deceived, how could Mr. Chia Pet do this to us? There’s something unsettling about lumping the delicious healthy delight in the same category as the oddly bizarre, yet somewhat adorable but also slightly annoying “pet”. Although I never owned one, nor had it on my Christmas list (let’s be honest, I had real animals & my tamagotchi to take care of), I still remember them and all their glory. Ch-ch-ch-chia!


Anyway, after I got over my disbelief I started thinking, aren’t we all kinda like a chia seed? Deep down we have our roots, our values, our morals, but we take on very different roles throughout life. I think all of us need to be warriors at times in our lives, and other times we need to be vessels of compassion, peace and deliciousness to others. And most times, we are both – a warrior, (or a Mr. T Chia Pet) and a sweet, delicious, healthy delight to others.




Enough about the chia and me-a. This recipe is my mother’s and so yummy and simple. It literally tastes like dessert and gives you instant energy and grow, I mean GLOW not grow. 😉

what you’ll need:
1 cup almond milk
4 tablespoons chia seeds
1 squirt of agave – adjust to your liking
2 drops of vanilla – adjust to your liking
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup mangos – or whatever fruit you like, really
mason jar with lid

what you’ll do:
Add all ingredients, except the fruit, to a mason jar or any container with a tight lid (I prefer glass) in the order listed above – liquids first. Shake it off, shake it off – until your arm is sore. Refrigerate for a few hours. You must wait a few hours before eating so it actually becomes a pudding and not just chia slush. We don’t need any more slush in our lives, just trust me. At breakfast time, or whenever you are going to shovel this deliciousness into your mouth, stir again and top with blueberries and mango.

It’s that simple.

RIP Ch-ch-ch-chia pet